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Simi.is is a 7 letter domain.

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Forsíða | Síminn



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    Content: Síminn býður örugga og góða þjónustu í fjarskiptamálum fyrir einstaklinga og fyrirtæki.

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  • hollráð 12
  • meiri 12
  • símans 11
  • þjónusta 10
  • spotify 10
  • fyrirtæki 10
  • netbúnaður 9
  • ferðinni 9
  • netið 9

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  • aukahlutir 11
  • boði 11
  • ipad 10
  • sjónvarp 9
  • möguleikar 9
  • leiðir 9
  • hollráð 9
  • meiri 9
  • símans 9
  • spotify 8
  • fyrirtæki 8
  • netbúnaður 7
  • iphone 7
  • ferðinni 7
  • þjónusta 7


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  • Href: /thjonusta/
    Title: Þjónusta
  • Href: /thjonusta/heimilispakkinn/
    Title: Heimilispakkinn
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/
    Title: Sími
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/
    Title: Internet
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/
    Title: Sjónvarp
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/
    Title: Fyrirtækjaþjónusta
  • Href: /vorur/
    Title: Vörur
  • Href: /adstod/
    Title: Aðstoð
  • Href: /siminn/
    Title: Síminn
  • Href: /thjonusta/
    Title: Þjónusta
  • Href: /thjonusta/heimilispakkinn/
    Title: Heimilispakkinn
  • Href: /thjonusta/heimilispakkinn/panta-heimilispakkann/
    Title: Panta Heimilispakkann
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/
    Title: Sími
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/leidir-i-bodi/
    Title: Leiðir í boði
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/leidir-i-bodi/farsimi/
    Title: Farsími
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/leidir-i-bodi/frelsi/
    Title: Frelsi
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/leidir-i-bodi/afylling/
    Title: Áfyllingar
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/leidir-i-bodi/heimasimi/
    Title: Heimasími
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/leidir-i-bodi/netsiminn/
    Title: Netsíminn
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/leidir-i-bodi/fyrirtaeki/
    Title: Fyrirtækjalausnir
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/leidir-i-bodi/fyrirtaeki/gsm-askrift/
    Title: Farsími
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/leidir-i-bodi/fyrirtaeki/bordsimi/
    Title: Borðsími fyrirtæki
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/leidir-i-bodi/fyrirtaeki/gervihnattasimar/
    Title: Gervihnattasímar
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/leidir-i-bodi/3a/
    Title: ÞR3NNA
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/meiri-moguleikar/
    Title: Meiri möguleikar
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/meiri-moguleikar/gomobile/
    Title: GOmobile
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/meiri-moguleikar/nullid/
    Title: Núllið
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/meiri-moguleikar/skilabodathjonusta/
    Title: Skilaboðaþjónusta
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/meiri-moguleikar/spotify/
    Title: Spotify í snjalltækinu
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/netid-a-ferdinni/
    Title: Á ferðinni
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/netid-a-ferdinni/dreifikerfid/
    Title: Dreifikerfið
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/netid-a-ferdinni/ferdapakkinn/
    Title: Ferðapakkinn
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/netid-a-ferdinni/meira-gagnamagn/
    Title: Meira gagnamagn
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/netid-a-ferdinni/simaappid/
    Title: Símaappið
  • Href: /thjonusta/simi/netid-a-ferdinni/utlandaverd/
    Title: Útlönd
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/
    Title: Internet
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/leidir-i-bodi/
    Title: Leiðir í boði
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/leidir-i-bodi/ljosnet/
    Title: Ljósleiðari
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/leidir-i-bodi/4g-net/
    Title: 4G Net
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/leidir-i-bodi/fyrirtaekjalausnir/
    Title: Fyrirtækjalausnir
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/leidir-i-bodi/fyrirtaekjalausnir/ip-net/
    Title: IP net
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/leidir-i-bodi/fyrirtaekjalausnir/fjarvinna/
    Title: Fjarvinna
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/leidir-i-bodi/fyrirtaekjalausnir/sjosamband/
    Title: Sjósamband
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/leidir-i-bodi/fyrirtaekjalausnir/vpn/
    Title: VPN tengingar
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/meiri-moguleikar/
    Title: Meiri möguleikar
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/meiri-moguleikar/netvarinn/
    Title: Netvarinn
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/meiri-moguleikar/spotify/
    Title: Spotify með netáskrift
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/meiri-moguleikar/vefposturinn/
    Title: Vefpósturinn
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/meiri-moguleikar/oryggispakkinn/
    Title: Öryggispakkinn
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/netid-a-ferdinni/
    Title: Netið á ferðinni
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/netid-a-ferdinni/sumarbustadir/
    Title: Sumarbústaðir
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/netid-a-ferdinni/netbunadur/
    Title: Netbúnaður
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/netid-a-ferdinni/aukakort/
    Title: Aukakort
  • Href: /thjonusta/internet/netid-a-ferdinni/dreifikerfid/
    Title: Dreifikerfið
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/
    Title: Sjónvarp
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/leidir-i-bodi/
    Title: Leiðir í boði
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/leidir-i-bodi/askrift/
    Title: Sjónvarpsþjónusta
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/leidir-i-bodi/sjonvarp-simans-premium/
    Title: Sjónvarp Símans Premium
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/leidir-i-bodi/siminn-heimur/
    Title: Heimur
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/leidir-i-bodi/siminn-krakkar/
    Title: Krakkar
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/meira-moguleikar/
    Title: Meiri möguleikar
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/meira-moguleikar/dagskra/
    Title: Dagskrá
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/meira-moguleikar/karaoke/
    Title: Karaoke
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/meira-moguleikar/sjonvarp-simans-appid/
    Title: Sjónvarps appið
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/meira-moguleikar/siminn-bio/
    Title: SíminnBíó
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/meira-moguleikar/vidburdir/
    Title: Viðburðir
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/dagskra/
    Title: Heitast
  • Href: /thjonusta/sjonvarp/dagskra/thevoice2016/
    Title: The Voice
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/
    Title: Fyrirtækjaþjónusta
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/leidir-i-bodi/
    Title: Leiðir í boði
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/leidir-i-bodi/office365/
    Title: Office 365
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/leidir-i-bodi/simavist/
    Title: Símavist
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/leidir-i-bodi/simavist/tolvuskiptibord/
    Title: Tölvuskiptiborð
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/leidir-i-bodi/simavist/simaver/
    Title: Símaver
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/leidir-i-bodi/simavist/oryggi/
    Title: Öryggi
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/leidir-i-bodi/netkerfi-fyrirtaekja/
    Title: Netkerfi fyrirtækja
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/leidir-i-bodi/taekjaaskrift/
    Title: Tækjaáskrift
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/meiri-moguleikar/
    Title: Meiri möguleikar
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/meiri-moguleikar/vef-og-posthysing/
    Title: Vef- og pósthýsing
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/meiri-moguleikar/fyrirtaekjapostur/
    Title: Fyrirtækjapóstur
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/meiri-moguleikar/hljodritun/
    Title: Hljóðritun
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/oryggi/
    Title: Öryggi
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/oryggi/netvordurinn/
    Title: Netvörðurinn
  • Href: /thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/oryggi/oryggi-endabunadar/
    Title: Öryggi endabúnaðar
  • Href: /vorur/
    Title: Vörur
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/simtaeki
    Title: Símar
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/farsimar
    Title: Farsímar
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/farsimar_4g
    Title: 4G
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/apple_iphone
    Title: iPhone
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/android
    Title: Android
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/google
    Title: Google
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/windows
    Title: Windows
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/einfaldir
    Title: Einfaldir
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/heimasimar
    Title: Heimasímar
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/bordsimar
    Title: Borðsímar
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/thradlausir
    Title: Þráðlausir
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/heimasimar_aukahlutir
    Title: Heimasíma aukahlutir
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/fyrirtaekjasimar
    Title: Fyrirtækjasímar
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/fs_heyrnatol
    Title: Heyrnartól
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/fs_snurur
    Title: Snúrur og fylgihlutir
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/aukahlutir_new
    Title: Aukahlutir
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hulstur_framleidandi
    Title: Hulstur
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hulstur_iphone
    Title: iPhone
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hulstur_samsung
    Title: Samsung
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hulstur_lg
    Title: LG
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hulstur_nokiaa
    Title: Nokia
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hulstur_sony
    Title: Sony
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hulstur_annad
    Title: Annað
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hitt_thetta
    Title: Hagnýtt
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hitt_handfrjals
    Title: Handfrjáls
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hagnytt_skjafilmur
    Title: Skjáfilmur
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hitt_hledsla
    Title: Hleðslutæki
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hagnytt_snurur_breytistykki
    Title: Snúrur og breytistykki
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/hitt_minniskort
    Title: Minniskort
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/lifstill
    Title: Lífsstíll
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/lifstill_heyrnatol
    Title: Heyrnartól
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/listill_hatalarar
    Title: Hátalarar
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/lifstill_utivist
    Title: Útivist
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/listill_gadget
    Title: Græjuhornið
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/klaedanlegt
    Title: Klæðanleg tækni
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/sonos
    Title: Sonos
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/tolvur
    Title: Spjaldtölvur
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/spjaldtolvur_apple
    Title: iPad
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/ipad_pro
    Title: iPad Pro
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/ipad_air
    Title: iPad Air
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/ipad_mini_spjald
    Title: iPad Mini
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/ipad_aukahlutir
    Title: Aukahlutir
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/spjaldtolvur_samsung
    Title: Samsung
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/galaxy_tab_spjald
    Title: Galaxy Tab
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/galaxy_view_spjald
    Title: Galaxy View
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/samsung_spjald_aukahlutir
    Title: Aukahlutir
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/spjaldtolvur_android
    Title: Android
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/sony_spjald
    Title: Sony
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/aukahlutir_spjald_android
    Title: Aukahlutir
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/bunadur
    Title: Búnaður
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/3g4g
    Title: Netið á ferðinni
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/4g_bunadur
    Title: Í Bústaðinn
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/ferdalagid
    Title: Í Ferðalagið
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/heimanet
    Title: 4G netbúnaður
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/heima
    Title: Netið heima
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/heimatengi
    Title: Heimatengi
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/heima_netbunadur
    Title: Netbúnaður
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/kaplar_tengi
    Title: Kaplar og tengi
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/sjonvarp
    Title: Sjónvarp Símans
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/tvheimatengi
    Title: Heimatengi
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/tvsjonvorp
    Title: Sjónvörp
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/tv_kaplar_tengi
    Title: Kaplar og tengi
  • Href: https://vefverslun.siminn.is/vorur/tv_fjarstyring
    Title: Fjarstýring
  • Href: /adstod/
    Title: Aðstoð
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/
    Title: Aðstoð Farsími
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/numeraleit/
    Title: Númeraleit
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/stillingar/
    Title: Stillingar
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/tolvupostur-i-simanum/
    Title: Tölvupóstur í símanum
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/tolvupostur-i-simanum/android/
    Title: Android
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/tolvupostur-i-simanum/iphone/
    Title: iPhone
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/tolvupostur-i-simanum/ipad/
    Title: iPad
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/tolvupostur-i-simanum/symbian/
    Title: Symbian
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/tolvupostur-i-simanum/windows-phone/
    Title: Windows Phone
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/aukakort/
    Title: Aukakort
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/4g-thjonusta/
    Title: 4G þjónusta
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/frelsi/
    Title: Frelsi
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/spotify/
    Title: Spotify
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/hollrad/
    Title: Hollráð
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/fyrirtaeki/
    Title: Fyrirtæki
  • Href: /adstod/farsimi/verdskrar/
    Title: Verðskrár
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/
    Title: Heimasími
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/adgerdir/
    Title: Aðgerðir fyrir heimasíma
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/hringithjonusta/
    Title: Hringiþjónusta
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/numeraleit/
    Title: Númeraleit
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/netsiminn/
    Title: Netsíminn
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/netsiminn/serthjonusta/
    Title: Sérþjónusta
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/netsiminn/grandstream/
    Title: Grandstream
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/netsiminn/linksys/
    Title: Linksys
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/simtalsflutningur/
    Title: Símtalsflutningur
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/fundarsimi/
    Title: Fundarsíminn
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/heimasimi-i-beini/
    Title: Tengdur í beini
  • Href: /adstod/heimasimi/hollrad/
    Title: Hollráð
  • Href: /adstod/internet/
    Title: Internet
  • Href: /adstod/internet/hradi/
    Title: Hraðapróf
  • Href: /adstod/internet/stillingar/
    Title: Stillingar
  • Href: /adstod/internet/thradlaust-net/
    Title: Þráðlaust net
  • Href: /adstod/internet/thradlaust-net/orugg-netnotkun/
    Title: Örugg netnotkun
  • Href: /adstod/internet/tolvupostur/
    Title: Tölvupóstur
  • Href: /adstod/internet/netvarinn/
    Title: Netvarinn
  • Href: /adstod/internet/vefpostur/
    Title: Vefpóstur
  • Href: /adstod/internet/oryggispakkinn/
    Title: Öryggispakkinn
  • Href: /adstod/internet/hollrad/
    Title: Hollráð
  • Href: /adstod/internet/fyrirtaeki/
    Title: Fyrirtæki
  • Href: /adstod/sjonvarp/
    Title: Sjónvarp
  • Href: /adstod/sjonvarp/uppsetning-a-myndlykli/
    Title: Uppsetning á myndlykli
  • Href: /adstod/sjonvarp/aukamyndlykill/
    Title: Aukamyndlykill
  • Href: /adstod/sjonvarp/fjarstyring/
    Title: Fjarstýring
  • Href: /adstod/sjonvarp/sjonvarsptengi/
    Title: Sjónvarpstengi
  • Href: /adstod/sjonvarp/sjonvarp-simans-appid/
    Title: Sjónvarps appið
  • Href: /adstod/sjonvarp/hollrad/
    Title: Hollráð
  • Href: /adstod/simkerfi/
    Title: Símkerfi
  • Href: /adstod/simkerfi/simavist/
    Title: Símavist
  • Href: /adstod/simkerfi/simavist/cisco-leidbeiningar/
    Title: CISCO leiðbeiningar
  • Href: /adstod/simkerfi/simavist/skiptibord-eldra/
    Title: Skiptiborð (eldra)
  • Href: /adstod/simkerfi/simavist/linksys/
    Title: Linksys SPA 942
  • Href: /adstod/klaradu-malid/
    Title: Kláraðu málið
  • Href: /adstod/klaradu-malid/flutningar/
    Title: Að flytja
  • Href: /adstod/klaradu-malid/heimilispakki/
    Title: Heimilispakki
  • Href: /adstod/klaradu-malid/rafraen-skilriki/
    Title: Rafræn skilríki
  • Href: /adstod/klaradu-malid/reikningar/
    Title: Reikningar
  • Href: /adstod/klaradu-malid/thjonustuvefur/
    Title: Þjónustuvefur einstaklinga
  • Href: /adstod/klaradu-malid/thjonustuvefur-fyrirtaekja/
    Title: Þjónustuvefur fyrirtækja
  • Href: /siminn/
    Title: Síminn
  • Href: /siminn/verslanir-thjonusta/
    Title: Verslanir og þjónusta
  • Href: /siminn/verslanir-thjonusta/verslanir/
    Title: Verslanir
  • Href: /siminn/verslanir-thjonusta/endursoluadilar/
    Title: Þjónustuaðilar
  • Href: /siminn/verslanir-thjonusta/thjonustuver/
    Title: Þjónustuver
  • Href: /siminn/verslanir-thjonusta/vettvangsthjonusta/
    Title: Vettvangsþjónusta
  • Href: /siminn/verslanir-thjonusta/skilmalar/
    Title: Skilmálar og eyðublöð
  • Href: /siminn/verslanir-thjonusta/thjonustustig/
    Title: Þjónustutilkynningar
  • Href: /siminn/verslanir-thjonusta/fyrirtaekjathjonusta/
    Title: Fyrirtækjaþjónusta
  • Href: /siminn/verslanir-thjonusta/auglysingadeild/
    Title: Auglýsingadeild
  • Href: /siminn/vinnustadurinn/
    Title: Vinnustaðurinn
  • Href: /siminn/vinnustadurinn/storf-i-bodi/
    Title: Störf í boði
  • Href: /siminn/vinnustadurinn/godrad/
    Title: Ferilskrá og kynningarbréf
  • Href: /siminn/vinnustadurinn/atvinnuvidtal/
    Title: Atvinnuviðtal
  • Href: /siminn/samfelagsabyrgd/
    Title: Samfélagsábyrgð
  • Href: /siminn/samfelagsabyrgd/aherslur/
    Title: Áherslur
  • Href: /siminn/samfelagsabyrgd/endurvinnsla/
    Title: Endurvinnsla
  • Href: /siminn/samfelagsabyrgd/styrkir/
    Title: Styrkir
  • Href: /siminn/fyrirtaekid/
    Title: Fyrirtækið
  • Href: /siminn/fyrirtaekid/skipurit/
    Title: Skipurit
  • Href: /siminn/fyrirtaekid/upplysingaoryggi/
    Title: Upplýsingaöryggi
  • Href: /siminn/fyrirtaekid/vottad-upplysingaoryggi/
    Title: Vottun
  • Href: /siminn/i-fjolmidlum/
    Title: Í fjölmiðlum
  • Href: /siminn/i-fjolmidlum/frettir/
    Title: Fréttir
  • Href: /siminn/i-fjolmidlum/merki-simans/
    Title: Merki Símans
  • Href: /siminn/i-fjolmidlum/upplysingafulltrui/
    Title: Upplýsingafulltrúi
  • Href: /siminn/fjarfestar/
    Title: Fjárfestar
  • Href: /siminn/fjarfestar/fjarhagsupplysingar/
    Title: Fjárhagsupplýsingar
  • Href: /siminn/fjarfestar/hluthafar/
    Title: Hluthafar
  • Href: /siminn/fjarfestar/hafa-samband/
    Title: Hafa samband
  • Href: /siminn/fjarfestar/hlutabrefaupplysingar/
    Title: Hlutabréfaupplýsingar
  • Href: /siminn/fjarfestar/kauphallarfrettir/
    Title: Kauphallarfréttir
  • Href: /siminn/fjarfestar/stjornarhaettir/
    Title: Stjórnarhættir
  • Href: //www.siminn.is/english/
    Title: English version


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Simi.is receives about 38 daily unique visitor. Its Website Authority value is 28/100. It has global traffic rank #N/A. Simi.is has .is extension.
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Simi.is receives about 38 daily unique visitor. Its Website Authority value is 28/100. It has global traffic rank #N/A. Simi.is has .is extension.
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Date published: 2016-11-29 12:21:52
3.28 / 5 stars

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Simi.is receives about 38 daily unique visitor. Its Website Authority value is 28/100. It has global traffic rank #N/A. Simi.is has .is extension.